About me
© Ron van den Bosch
Originally I am a jewellery designer. I have been designing and creating carbon jewelry for two years. I have broadened my horizon as a designer which resulted in Divini Bottle Design. Why just enjoy the taste of a fine wine, when you can turn any bottle into something special, made more beautiful with carbon designs. You can make your product/present exclusive and unique, as well as having the possibility to personalise it. Before carbon is made into a hard and resilient material, carbon feels like soft fabric. Carbon needs a special, time consuming process, turning it from soft fabric into design. Of course every process starts with designing, following my heart and passion to get something special, to make life more beautiful. My carbon design gives your wine bottle and accessories a luxurious appearance. How special do you want it to be? It is also possible, in addition to making beautiful wine bottle jewelry of carbon, to make accessories. For example, wine glasses with a carbon stem or foot. All with the option to personalize your item.
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